Here you can found the cd auto-boot images of the game "Saving Flowers" made at Epitech in 2003 :



Images are in two formats: .nrg for nero burning rom and .cdi for DiscJuggler

Those Images are multisession.

To burn with nero: Images are in TAO (Track at Once) et DAO (Disk at Once). The most reliable remains TAO but it depends of your burner. You should burn to the lowest speed available, 1x is ideal, 4x is very good. Otherwise the DreamCast can have some difficulties to read the CD because it will not be to deeply burned into the disk. It can also alterate the working of the optical block of your DreamCast is you use too use CD with too fast burned disks.

To burn with DiskJuggler (recommanded) : Download a demo version?of DiskJuggler :

This version is limited to .. 1x! That is exaclty what we need!!

Install it, when execute it. In the "File" menu Select "New...", in the window choose: "Burn CD and DVD images". Select the source : the .cdi to burn. Instert a blank CD (Verbatim/Mitsubishi are good for DC; no cd-rw !!) then click on [Start].

Et voila !! Just put this pie into your DC!

Nero TAO
Nero DAO
SavingFlower :

Have a good play!!