RCE - Porsche 911



RCS, Racing Car Simulator, and RCE are a demo project I done in 2005-2006 when I was a student.


RCS is a car simulator, which uses precise physic models to render realist driving.

RCS is the demo of RCE the Racing Car Engine. RCS use Ogre3D (OpenGL/DirectX9) with CEGUI and Direct Input / Sound.


RCE gRacing Car Engineh is a library to manage vehicles. Itfs a tool with an API that permits to make realist vehicles in real-time 3D applications.

RCE use ODE as physics engine.


Binary for Windows: RCS0.11_bin.zip


12 / 01 / 2011 – NOTE:

It is a demo for Windows XP. It may not work on Vista and can work with Win 7 in compatibility mode with Windows XP sp2 or sp3.

In 2006 the demo was very stable (athlon64 3500+ for example) but with today hardware physics simulation is fast, physics can be unstable and car may explode with some parameters!

Because the demo use some advanced stuffs of the old library ODE, RCE physics loop needs to be a little redesigned (and maybe change from ODE to PhysXJ ).

All parts of a car are simulated independently and connected like in a real car:

Chassis, suspension (arms, spindle, spring/damper), wheels, direction, engine, gears, brakesc


For example, RCE simulates different real suspension systems with many parameters.

Today, RCE simulates Mac Pherson and multi-link systems.


Mac Pherson system - in real car - simulated with RCE:

RCE - McPherson 

Copyright 2006 - Christophe Paris