Christophe Paris  



Software Engineer



2001 – 2006       EPITECH / EPITA, European Institute of Technology, Paris.



I have learned IT for 5 years at university of computer science gEPITECHh located in France at Paris. My university is well known in France to provide passionate engineers in IT. I had courses and projects on technologies like C, C++, .net, Java, Perl, php, SQL, web, networks and systems on various subjects like algorithmic, IA, client/server, multithreading/parallel tasking, security, robotics, and RF-Id. I used Windows and particularly UNIX systems due to intensive usage of UNIX in projects the 3 first years.

EPITECH targets all the IT industry; students are able to work with various technologies.


 2005 – 2007        2 years learning Japanese language, Espace Japon, Paris.


2008 – 2010       Living in Japan, 10 month learning Japanese language, ELT School, Tokyo Harajuku.



2006                   Master of Science in Information Technology

                           (Ingénieur en technologies de lfinformation).


   2004                   B.S. - Project Manager of Management Information. (BAC+4)


   2004                   B.S. - Information Technology.


   2001                   French Scientific Baccalaureate with mathematics option. (BAC S Math)




2008 – 2010

French Teacher in Japan, Tokyo.


Schools and private lessons. Lessons were in Japanese and French.


February 2006 – October 2007

Game / R&D Developer - EkoSoftware, a French game studio:

2 years


l  Video game contents programming for PC and PlayStation2 games.


Work on PlayStation 2 games: gStrawberry Shortcakeh (PS2), gGarfield Lasagna World Tourh (PC/PS2), gJamba All-starsh (PS2).


Programming of game mechanics in C++: characters movements, special effects, sound effects, game interfaces (HUD), and game menus, using STL, Direct3D and specifics PlayStation libraries for PS2 versions.


Programming of game localizations for America, Europe and Japan versions.


Development and programming was critical due to the obligation by console constructors (Sony) to release games without any bugs or lags.




l Conception and development of different tools targeted for PlayStation 3 and XBOX 360 for multiple game studios.


The most important developed tool is a game editor using Collada models, Shader constants, skinned animations, multiple viewports, multithreading, source control (VSS or CVS)c  


Game editor permits to gbuildh a game. It permits to add different 3d objects (characters or game objectsc), lights, cameras and specials effects in a level, and add some scripts for actions in the game (acting like ActionScript in Flash). It produces a specific file that will be used as main resource of a game level.


This editor has a gvisual studio/3dsmax like mixh interface in .net/C#, it uses C++/CLI to control the native C++ in-house graphic engine and for communications with native Direct3D library. It has a multithreaded core for display performances, and it can communicate with other editors and source control running on a network. XML is used as output file.


(C/C++ (STL, Templates, MFCc), .net(C#, C++/CLI), XML)



March 2004 –

October 2004

Linux / Web Developer - OpenTrust / IdealX, security and consulting, Paris. Internship 8 months


Development of an gopen sourceh web administration console for administrations (French ministries, Total, Axac).


This solution permit to a company to monitor and control resources over huge networks, like LDAP servers, Samba servers, databases, proxies, firewalls...


Solution runs on UNIX systems, uses Perl as main programming languages, with a MVC (Model View Controller) design thanks to gStruts4Perlh developed for it. This solution has a web interface using Perl, Php, HTML, AJAX, XSLT, XPath and some Java applets. Database record system is performed by PostgreSQL. And network monitoring part uses SNMP and Nagiosf core.


 (Perl, Java, C, Php, XML/HTML/SQL)



March 2002 –

August 2002

Java Mobile Developer - Net Innovations, Java Mobile consulting, France.

Internship 6 months


Java games and user interfaces conception and development with J2me (Java 2 micro edition) for cellular phones. Those games and UI were demonstration programs to promote the arrival of Java Mobile solutions in France.


(Java, J2me, MIDP/I-mode DoJa)



   Programming:     C/C++ (STL, Templates, MFC),

                              .net (C#, C++, XAML/WPF, WCF, Linq, Win Forms),

                              Java, Perl, php, SQL, XML/XSL, HTML, AJAX,

Shell-scripts, web, systems, networks.


   Systems:             UNIX (BSD, Sun Solaris, HP UXc), Linux.

                              Windows (95 ~ Seven).


   Networks:           Microsoft, UNIX, some knowledge with Cisco systems.

                              Active Directory, LDAP, DHCP, DNS, VPN, SSH, DFS, SAMBA, IIS, Apachec


   Software:            Visual Studio, Emacs, Eclipse, Flash, Dreamweaver, Photoshopc


   Source Control:  TFS / SourceSafe, CVS, Gnu Archc


   Databases:          PostgreSQL, MySQL.


Projects:             Some university projects:

           Shell UNIX (C), Ray-tracer (3D rendering) (C), virtual machine (C, ASM), HTTP web server (C++, http, html, php, Perl), processes tracking (Win and Unix, C/C++), Instant Messaging (Perl and pTk), games IA (C++), Sega Dreamcast game (C++, OpenGL), Racing car simulation for PC with physic engine (PhysX and Ogre3D, C++), (


                           Personal projects:

                           3D engine for PC and I-Phone with physics and Augmented Reality




   French:               native.

   English:               fluent.

   Japanese:           intermediate/daily level, able to speak with co-workers.

   Spanish:              daily conversation.



   Music: violin, drums.  

   Sports: ski, surf.


   Computer programming, video games, japanimation and photography